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Robust aluminium gates for homes & offices

Here at Table View Glass and Aluminium we offer superior aluminium gates as part of our extensive range of aluminium products. Each one of our gates is custom made and is suitable for various requirements, including securing driveways or gardens. Pedestrian access gates are also part of our offering.

When installing an aluminium gate, we also supply all gate tracks, hinges, and latches, thereby ensuring a working end result. By making use of non-corrosive materials for the manufacture of clients’ gates and attachments, we ensure that your gate is able to withstand harsh weather conditions. Gates are covered with a powder coated finish which minimises the amount of maintenance required – an occasional wash with soap and water will do the trick!

Apart from adding extra protection to your property, our aluminium gates are also manufactured in a range of styles that are sure to add an appealing touch to your property’s exterior.

As a recognised aluminium manufacturer and installer, accredited by AAAMSA and SAGGA, clients can have complete confidence in our team’s abilities to provide and install a lasting and aesthetically pleasing aluminium gate.

aluminium gates

Our aluminium gates:

The aluminium gates we offer at Table View Glass and Aluminium are known for their durable and robust design. Our designs are customisable and also come in an extensive range of colours, thereby ensuring that it suits any property’s style.

We have:
  • Pedestrian and double hinged gates available.
  • Gates available with solid or slatted aluminium panels.
  • Gates available with louvre panels.

No matter your requirements, our team can provide you with a durable and secure aluminium gate. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us!

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