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Stylish French doors suitable for domestic and commercial applications

Traditionally, French Doors consisted of glass panels in a wooden frame. Today, Aluminium is used instead of wood in many instances at it requires less maintenance and is also known for its durability and resistance to the elements. Table View Glass and Aluminium can supply and install Aluminium French Doors for commercial and residential clients across the greater part of Cape Town.

French Doors are suitable for interior and exterior applications. At home, these doors are mostly installed as entrance doors, or as doors leading to the garden area. When it comes to interior installations, French Doors are always a good option as they let lots of light through. It is often installed to separate living rooms, bedrooms, or even dining rooms and kitchens.

We supply doors in a variety of designs, including single, double, and pivot doors. These doors are available as stable doors as well, which is most often used for front- and back entrances.

If you are looking to add a stylish touch to your property, this is a premium option. Our doors can be custom made to meet your specific requirements, and we can install it with either 60mm or 90mm door stiles.

french doors

More details concerning our French Doors:

  • We have single, double, pivot, and stable doors available.
  • Available in single- and double-glazed safety glass units.
  • Clients can choose between solid or slatted aluminium panels.
  • Available with 60mm or 90mm door stiles.
  • Doors can be installed with sidelights, top lights, or both.
  • Proven water and draught tight glazing system.
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