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Looking to have a mirror cut to size, and installed? We can assist!

Want a mirror cut to size to brighten up the interior of your home or working environment? Cutting mirrors to size and installing the finished product is part of our services at Table View Glass and Aluminium. We supply both shine polished and bevelled mirrors that are manufactured in accordance with each client’s specifications.

Mirrors are a practical and versatile decoration option that can immediately alter the interior look and feel of any room. We supply and install mirrors that are suitable for dining rooms, bathroom, bedrooms, or any other room where you wish to create a stylish and welcoming atmosphere.

Since our mirrors are custom made for each client, you can be guaranteed that your installation will enhance your property’s interior, while also serving a practical purpose.

Why install a mirror cut to size?

If you are looking to revive the interior of your home or office, mirrors are a great option! At Table View and Glass, we supply mirror cut to size, and we can think of plenty of reasons to make mirrors part of your interior design!

mirror cut to size

Mirrors are an affordable décor option and are known for:
  1. Making a room appear more spacious
  2. Hiding unsightly marks or holes in the wall
  3. Creating a focal point in any interior room
  4. Reflecting light and can therefore reduce your energy costs if placed correctly
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    So, if you are looking for a company that can assist you in installing mirrors in your home or office, look no further! Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.