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With our frameless glass concertina doors, your view will be left unhampered

Frameless glass doors have become the preferred option for clients wishing to separate their home from their garden, as it allows for a stylish and completely unobstructed view of the garden, and it creates the illusion of being outside while you are protected from the elements. These doors are also perfect for enclosing balconies or entertainment areas, and can even be applied in the workplace to cordon off boardrooms, offices, etc.

We at Table View Glass and Aluminium specialise in manufacturing and installing frameless glass doors that are suitable for home and office requirements. Whether you want us to install Frameless Concertina Doors for a new building, or as part of a renovation project for an existing building, we are happy to help. Each of our projects is done in alignment with the client’s specifications, and the doors can be manufactured to slide either outwards or inwards, and from left or right.

Our Frameless glass doors fold away completely when opened, thereby leaving you with a wide-open area leading to the outside. One might think that these doors are unsafe, but this is not the case. We use toughened security glass and strong door panels for these installations, thereby ensuring that your frameless concertina doors are intruder proof. It also offers a certain amount of sound insulation, thereby allowing you to block out noises from the street.
frameless glass doors

More specific details:

Listed here are some particulars about our Frameless Concertina Doors:

  • Available in single- and double-glazed safety glass units.
  • Installed with heavy duty rollers for smooth and effortless operation.
  • Proven water and draught tight glazing system.
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