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Concertina doors for indoor and outdoor installations

Installing Aluminium Concertina Doors at your property can add real value to it. These doors have become a preferred option for indoor and outdoor installations due to its practicality and durability. Most people install them where their homes lead out to their gardens, as these doors can open and fold away completely, leaving home owners free to enjoy those warm, sunny days. Table View Glass and Aluminium offers premium concertina door manufacturing and installation services for commercial and domestic applications.

Aluminium Concertina Doors can be designed and manufactured in accordance with a client’s exact specifications, so no matter how big or small the door opening you want to cover, we can assist! We offer single- and double-glazed doors and can install it with 60mm or 90mm door stiles.

Besides its practical and aesthetic appeal, Aluminium Concertina Doors also offer security. These doors are manufactured to be tough so that it can withstand all kinds of weather conditions, and its robust exterior also offers protection against burglars.

We manufacture the Vista fold range of concertina doors, and with its durable and tough design, clients can expect longevity. If you are looking for low-maintenance and cost-effective aluminium doors, look no further.

concertina doors

More about our Concertina doors:

Here are some specifications regarding our Concertina Doors:

  • Available in single- and double-glazed safety glass units.
  • Available with 60mm or 90mm door stiles.
  • Installed with heavy duty rollers for smooth and effortless operation.
  • Proven water and draught tight glazing system.
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